Can't get the X-plane 11.35 stock B737's fuel cutoff levers to work? Tried everything in Simvim and have everything else on the throttle quadrant working great just not the fuel cutoff levers used for engine starting and shutdown. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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I run a G-Throttle Andy.
I'm using the dataref/Joystick set - Engine1 mixture hold cutoff/idle (& 2 obviously).

Although my hardware has only one contact, the sim recognises an on/off sequence, so it works well.

Hope this helps
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Thanks so much for the video, What I can see is I may not have all the software you have. I looked line by line and still do not see the "engine 1 mixture hold cutoff/idle" I typed it in search and still nothing. I am wondering maybe if your G throttle software may have added that command on your rig. Question, do you have a dataref plugin installed? I see right above "Laminar B737" there is a phrase "show the dataref search window" I don't have that phrase on my list.

Thanks again for the time and help. I am committed to getting those darn cutoff levers to work lol.
Just checking... Which version of X-plane are you running? Time to run the installer, or if Steam, check for updates/verify maybe?

edit: Oh I see from your original post 11.35 apologies. Kev
I see the tooltips on the lever simply says "Mixture 1 & 2"

My datarefTool says they are Laminar/B738/Mixture1_hold  (& 2 obviously)

Hope this helps
I can recommend installing the Zibo version. It is totally free, is extremely capable, ie better than the Laminar version by far.... You just need to install version 36full and then the latest cumulative update (none at present). It's standalone so installs as a seperate aircraft, leaving the stock one in place... Just drop the B737-800X folder into XPlane11/Aircraft directory.

I can't post the url here, but a search of the Org should put you to his Google Drive. You have to make a copy to your drive (right-click - make a copy) and download from there.

YouTube channel flightdeck2sim is a 738 pilot who is testing the mod. These videos show how good the "free" aircraft is.
Thanks. Downloaded the Zibo mod and everything works perfectly..AWESOME!!! great airplane .

Thanks again for all your help