Thank you for all the great work, this is my first attempt to this project and it looks very promising!

 Trying to assign LED indicators for certain buttons in the Aerobask Epic 1000G, the first ones I started with are the battery switches, and I can’t find any indicators in the configurator for Battery 1 and 2, the dataref’s from Aerobask(below) don’t seem to change values in Dataref tool when activated.

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In Epic aircraft this are the "korry-type" swicthes.

The LEDs should be inbuilt in the switches and turned ON when second pair of contacts are shorted.  It's not relate to the simulator data.


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Battery1_Switch and Battery2_Switch both say toggle ?

I don't have my switches yet, was trying to test the LED's for status, my current momentary switches go to a joystick board as toggle, could always use that and wire the LED'd to the adruino.
The toggle switch is the switch with two fixed On/Off positions. It  can either a switch with throw handle or corry type button switch.

The "toggle" button function - when you have a momentary button to toggle between states (two or more) on every click.



So momentary switches can't be used here?

Will latching switches be ok ?
Yes, in your case the latching button switch with LED inside.

See example of DIY "korry switch" on this page: https://simvim.com/tips_panel.html

The switch itself has two independent contact groups, one is used for signal line, another one - for LED power on/off.