Hi I am using the latest Xplane with windows 10.  I have a whiskey compass that is using a 28BYJ-48 stepper( modified per the guide) with the A3967 controller.  I am using an Arduino UNO as the slave controller.  All firmware is up to date and using the latest version of SIMVIM.  When I run the sim without starting Air Manager the stepper works great. When I start Air Manager the reaction of the stepper is only about 25% of what it should be and only in the CCW direction.  Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this one.

I would like to use the simvim panels but I need to keep everything on one PC.  Is there any way to do that?

Thank you
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It' not  related to SimVim interface. The slave board simply receives data and work as a driver, translating it into stepper positions. The stepper smooth motion processing and speed depends on the frame rate and value of the data changed.

As the latest versions of Air Manager have included their own interface for Arduino with serial connection, it's possible that it's sending something to the serial port that interferes with the stepper board, if you're using a USB cable from the computer to power it.
Try disabling Air Manager's serial capabilities, if it's possible, or power your slave board from a wall adapter, not USB.

Another option could be the drop in X-Plane frame rate when using Air Manager (how much does the frame rate drop when you launch it?), especially if you use additional monitor connected to the same computer, the frame rate can fall drastically depending on your video adapter performance capability.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I removed the USB cord and supplied 5v to the UNO and it works great.  To answer your question on FPS  I am averaging 45 - 60 FPS.  

Thank you again!!