I’ve been using SimVim for my self made home cockpit for awhile.

I will say most of challenges have been solved by browsing forum and searching on the internet.

My main build is a TBM900, and I have assigned most of my switches and toggles by custom assignment.

Recently, I begin to try my set with some default airplane, and I found one interesting behavior, every time when I connected my hardware, Taxi light and Landing light will be ON positioning initially, no master actual physical button’ position. I tried different plane, like C172, Diamond DA62, they all behaved like this, and  only  Landing and Taxi light will behave like this.

Anything I can try to debug this?


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Hi SimVim

I found the problem!!!

It because of 2 extra switch. I set their condition OFF when not flying TBM900.

However, when I load other airplane, when SimVIm loading, it will still catch these 2 switch's position, which in TBM900, landing and taxi light, ON.

That's why, everytime when I load, say C172, its landing and taxi switch will be ON position, regarding its actual switch position.

I thought, when I set an OFF condition, Simvim will totally ignore this switch, apparently, it's not.

Just for your reference.


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