This seems like a strange question given the very nice user interface provided by Configurator. However, it means that I am totally dependent on a working internet connection to the simvim website in order to create and edit the data.cfg file. A couple of days ago I was unable to connect to for almost 24 hours. Worse still, I had just saved a new configuration that contained an error at the exact time I lost the connection. If I had known more detail about the format of the various lines in the configuration file I would have been able to quickly fix the error without waiting for the website connection to be restored. More specifically, I had added a 7-segment LED display module to the configuration but forgot to configure it as a 4-digit display, so it defaulted to 6-digits. The result was a non-functioning display. Because I now had no connection to I could not edit data.cfg via Configurator. By trial and error plus a bit of sheer luck, I found that changing the display parameter from D1 to D2 in the data.cfg file fixed the problem. This is obviously code for the size of the display (D1 = 6 digits, D2 = 4 digits). So to get back to my original question, is there a reference guide for the various configuration parameters in data.cfg? It would be a great fallback if the web connection is lost.
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