I'm trying to create a AP panel for a Baron 58.

I've mapped two buttons to AP_Nose_UpDn but most of the time nothing happens if I press them. Or they will go to full either up or down. Any ideas what the issue might be?


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Sep 12, 2019 in Digital Inputs by

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Hi Johane,

Try using AP_Nose_Pitch instead of AP_Nose_UpDn. It works for me, though I do have to repeatedly press each button to increase the Up/Down pitch angle. Simply holding the button down acts as a single press.
Sep 14, 2019 by
How can I change it to "two buttons" in the configurator?
I dont get any options when I select Edit on the entry.

I guess editing the cfg manually I can change it from E to B?



You need to select the "Input options"  in the SimVim plugin menu. When you start to rotate an encoder  the parameter name is appeared and you can set the type of encoder as "Buttons"


Thanks for the clarification. AP_Nose_Pitch now works