I'm looking for a simple way to just set up a pin in the configurator such that when I click a momentary button, it causes another pin to toggle between off and on.  I know I could assign a pin (LED) to a specific cockpit function but I just want a generic button -> pin  definition.

Maybe I should explain exactly what I'm trying to do and you can let me know the best method to accomplish that.  The root of my issue is I want one encoder to control 6 different functions: COM1, NAV1, and ADF1, but also the inner and outer knob for each.  

So, I'm going to have a rotary switch that will select COM1, NAV1, or ADF1 and then a rotary encoder which will tune the selected frequency BUT I can also click the rotary encoder to switch between MHz and KHz.  So I was looking for a way to essentially save the "state" of MHz and KHz so it would apply to all 3 frequencies depending on which one is selected.  Any ideas?

Thanks for the help!

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As you may know, currently we are working on universal "device-oriented" program functions for the SimVim plugin, that allow you do select any Com/Nav (or ADF, XPDR) device type, assign all needed knobs and functional buttons.

All functions are working, as example you can select  KX165A - http://simvim.com/svc_custom_165a.html , Collins types or "generic".

Soon we will  make the "all-in-one" device - the same as you have described for paired functions:   Com(Mhz,Khz)/Nav(Mhz,Khz/ADF(xxoo,ooxx)   (or Nav/Com/ADF order is needed?).

For now you can only assign several parameters to one encoder, then click on assigned pin and select the "Mode Switch --> Rotary Switch" option.

Se the video #6 here:  https://simvim.com/simcom/index.php/video-guides

But we don't have this option for "paired functions"

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