Hi Guys, first thing got to say...... fantastic software, thank you so much, will happily support where I can...

My question is about my flaps gauge, it already has a servo attached when bought, got it working years ago with a phidgets board, will this work ok through simvim or should I use a different servo driver board?.

I have a couple of types of PWM boards like a pca 9685 and a easydriver, will I need a different one ... whats best.

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You don't need any "driver" board.
Please read all the simvim website pages.

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Hi Vlad, thanks for the quick reply....
It's ok, I understand it now,  ignore below unless you think their is something I should know.  

Keep up the excellent work.
Can I ask if there is a preferred pin to use directly for the servo, I have the power and ground from a separate power supply but not sure how to set the configurator for the yellow wire.

the flaps gauge on your brilliant panel is split into 2 sections 1 & 2, gauge is split upper and lower.

You really have breathed new life into my sim, thanks.

 You can not use direct pin on the master board, as you can read, the slave board is used for this, or the "WitMotion" 16, 24, 32-channel Servo Controller board.

2. In the b737 the flaps gauge has 2 pointers.