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I'm building a rather odd semi-generic simpit with a bunch of switches to operate a few aircraft I fly with frequency.

One is a DC-3, which has left and right cowl flap settings. These exist in configurator - Cowl_Heat_Eng1, etc. The problem is this is a toggle switch, giving me only a 0 or 1 setting. I need a third - 0, 0.5 or 1. As this is not a custom dataref I can't manually put it in with the SimVim Converter. Is there a way to override the output for a standard command / dataref?

Oct 12, 2019 in Configurator by

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You are using a wrong parameter for the cowl flaps. The Cowl_Heat_... are related to anti-ice Bleed-air heating system.

Simply open the configurator on the image-map layouts page  and open the "Engine Controls" image map.

There you can find the parameters for cowl flaps control ("Engine cooling air-flow") and you can choose either open/close switch or multi-position switch (for any positions) or as axis (analog) inputs for smooth full control.


Oct 13, 2019 by
Ah! Thank you. I was mostly looking through the parameters list, as the image lists don't seem to always load on my machine, and I find reading text easier. I don't suppose there's a huge master list in text format of all the commands SimVim supports, is there?