I had problems to get the correct state of the autopilot vvi.  AP_VVI_armed is probably coresponding to the dataref .../vvi_status, which is a integer value (0,1,2).

AP_VVI_armed didn't work correct until I added v=2 to the AP_VVI_armed. So inside SimVim AP_VVI_armed seems to be an integer and not a boolean value. Accordung to the dataref documentation v=1 (armed) is no longer used, only v=2 (captured) ist a possible value
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For your autopilot (see image map in the configurator) you need to use this parameter:


All "armed"  parameters are used ONLY for additional LEDs, if you have an autopilot with two separate LEDs for armed and captured.

Also, for VVI,  usually autopilots don't have two-state options for this (as well for HDG). it more relevant for NAV, etc.


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