Hello there and a big thank you 

for a very nice program for panel building for X-plane. I really like it and I have succeeded a lot so far, but now I have also completely got stuck to some parts.

1. I have programmed the altimeter in Cessna 172 according to all the rules of art on your website and have sometimes made it work in both directions in the rotation, but suddenly for some reason, it only rotates in one direction (mostly clockwise) when using the rotary encoder.

2. Adjusting the airspeed indicator works perfectly, as does the Heading indicator, as well as the CDI, VOR and ADF instruments when I use them separately, but I have also noted that all of these simultaneously affect the setting of the altimeter that rotates clockwise simultaneously.

3. Finally, I have followed the instruction in one of your videos to control the Transponder's buttons 0 – 9 on the transponder 5, the transponder that normally sits as standard in the 172 in the X-plane, but with zero results. All soldering is controlled and fully functional. It will place every button with command Append on Expander_1, but in the next step when I shall choose Mode Switch that command is not there in the head of the popup screen. Same with the 4:th transponder example. If I use one of the two first transponders on the page it will work all the way with the possibility to choose Mode Switch, but in all cases, NOTHING happens when I try it in X-plane.

Is there somebody here who can help me what I am doing wrong with these matters?

Mr  Gof

Oct 24, 2019 in Stepper Motors by

1 Answer

1,2 What is your altimeter stepper? is it an single-needle? Have the sensor?
Do you mean the rotary encoder for the Baro setting?
Check your wiring more carefully.

3. Why did you use "Append"? You simply need to connect every button to a separate input of multiplexer. All buttons work as needed.

Oct 28, 2019 by
Thank you Vlad.

The Baro settings rotary seems to work properly now.

The encoder I have the other solution for.