Okay, so I have the Pi3 up and running (Raspbian) but :
1. Where which folder should I drop the core program
2. Once extracted the Core Pane program, I see few files but non is executable ???

Please advice ?
Oct 26, 2019 in SimVimPanel by

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You can put the program anywhere, I put it on the desktop.

Under the program folder you have a folder called Modules, this is where you put the sim file (which is the panel).

You then run the SimVimPanel app. (which is the main program) by double clicking it.

You might need to set the "rights" on the app by, for example, typing the following in a terminal (being in the correct folder)

chmod 755 SimVimPanel
Oct 28, 2019 by
.. recent download, extracting the zip and getting only 2 file



By looking on older version, yes, I have the module along with




Which one should I use ??


Hmmm did you download the SimVimPanel zip or the SimVim zip?
I tried both and place both on the RPi desktop, change the permission to all and was trying to launch the app .... nothing nada null (-:
Try starting it from the terminal, I had to install a number of libraries (libglo etc)
.. how ?


In window mode on a client PC I made it work with the older version, but a message on the Master display generated by the Plugin tells me that all my Parameters are outdated, i can't find a place where you can get the new B58 Module file, maybe not available yet .....

looking at the log and see "libpng warning: ICCP: known incorrect sRGB profile"

Have no idea what it means but, probably part of compatibility