Hello Vlad,

1) Would be great if you could include following missing parameters from the FWD Overhead panel into your database (at least I couldn´t find them):

Attend Button -> laminar/B738/push_button/attend
Ground Call Button-> laminar/B738/push_button/grd_call
ACDC Maint Button-> laminar/B738/push_button/acdc_maint
TAT Test Button-> laminar/B738/push_button/tat_test

2) There is a Bug in the air_temp_source switch. If I leave it as it is configurated in SimVim, the last position (Dataref=6) will not activate. If I change it to custom input via the input configurator and assign Dataref value for each position (0 to 6) X-Plane will crash every time.

3) For the OVHT Test Buttons and Trip Reset Buttons on the Air conditioning panel, the "Hold" function is not working. If I hold down the button, the command will activate only once and not on Hold.

4) The emergency Exit toggle switch is in the Zibo Mod a 3 position switch and in SimVim it has only 2 positions.

5) The Battery switch has in the ZiBo Mod 3 positions. in simvim it has only 2.

6) The "TR Unit" annunciator (in SimVim configurator "Bus_Volts_Low") is beeing lit on when in the sim it is off during start-up procedure.

7) Question from my side: Is it possible to configure custom Buttons/Switches/etc. if they are not in the parameter database? (This is only to avoid the waiting time until you can update the datarefs)

Thank you for your great work!

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1) We can  add all those "insignificant" buttons, in some of next updates, but:
For Attend/ Gnd call - I see them as "dummy", why to use them in home cockpit?
ACDC Maintenance - is just a button to click - without any operations in Zibo as I see..
TAT - I will do it, but  - does it really modelled in Zibo?

2) Corrected  - download the database SimVim.dat here . There was only 6 positions assigned as reference for up/dn commands, corrected to 7.
3) Corrected  - works with updated database

4) It works correctly if you assign it as T-switch (it  was just "typo" in the image map, corrected)

5) It's left from older version I think, (for two commands on/off) Will be corrected tomorrow.

6) It was a "standard" only, now corrected to the "zibo" , but will be available tomorrow with new SimVim.dat update (now it's a deep night here).

7) Currently the whole project is reworking (slowly), we are thinking of different things, including some  "custom re-mapping tool"  to ease custom planes data mapping for registered users  and gather collection of any custom plane conversion files on our website, that will be available for download on the SimVim site to be placed directly to the plane folder.



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Hey Frank,

I am interested in knowing how you are using those relays.

Read about how to use relays on this page:


Many thanks. Will take a look at that.

Hi Anthony

the raleys you see in the photo aren't all connected.
I still had them left.
Meanwhile there are only two relays left for the return mechanism for the engine start switches.
I need 14V for the solenoid to work properly.
If you need more information, just let me know.

Hey Frank!

Your Overhead Panel is impressive!

I’m eager to know how you made the Air cond. gauge and the Cabin Altitude gauge. I’m struggling with that now trying to combine 2 stepper motors x27 to a concentric System.

The second I’m missing is the DCAC panel. Did you design the electronic board for the 7-segment displ.?

Would love to exchange some building experiences (diego_rass@hotmail.com).

Cheers from Munich!