Trying to configure 2 max7219s with the CD74HC4067 Multiplexer Breakout. Only the the connection on C0 is working. Is my config and pinout correct? Thanks in advance?

ATMEGA   74HC4067 MAX7219

28                                DIN
27                                CS
                   C0            CLK
26               SIG
25               S3
24               S2
23               S1
22               S0
(8)               EN

And here is my config


N8.0 D=0 B=1,10 b=0
N8.1 D=0 B=1,10 b=0

N8.0    Nav1_Standby
N8.1    Nav2_Standby

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"..Only the the connection on C0 is working.."

Do you mean that the first display works correctly (shows Nav1_Standby), but the second does not?
As all connections are as described every display connected to the 0-15 MUX output should work.

Try to connect only one (first) display to the output >0 )


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Thanks - Knowing my config and pinout was correct help me eliminate those as an issue. I was able to isolate the issue to a bad wire harness. I suck at wire crimping!

My radio stack is coming along.... Thanks for the help!