I am just staring out with SimVim and it looks very nice.

However I have this strange unstable behaviour which is that after about 10 seconds in the sim the SimVim stops working. I am running v. 0-9-46b and the latest XP11.

My test is a simple as can be, one cable from pin5, which I connect to GND.
This flips a switch in C172 but works only for 10 seconds into the flight..

I notice:
The RX LED continues to blink, but the TX stops responding after 10s.

I have tried:  -using a switch instead,  disabling all other plugin, uploaded the firmware again, another Mega 2560, another USB port  2.0 and 3.0,  another USB cable, another plane, another configured switch,  a stepper motor with A 3967 instead

The only way I can get it to work for 10 secs again, is by resetting the flight by moving to another location.

What could be causing this?

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I have an Update, I just tried with another PC, fresh installed Win10, and new installed XP11.
-Same issue.
So as far as I can see, this is telling me that either I have 2 Mega 2560 that are bad, or the SimVim has got an issue? 

-I have 6 more 2560 of the same type, I can give them a go as well.
The name of the boards on Ebay was "MEGA 2560 R3 ATMEGA16U2 ATMEGA2560-16AU Board For Arduino w/ USB Cable"

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I've been noticing kind of the same issue since 0.9.46 also. I have to disconnect the USB cable then plug it back in. After that I go to the Plugins menu in Xplane go to SimVim Cockpit and click on "Hardware Reconnect"

After that it seems to work fine for the rest of the flight. It happens a lot of times when I start up Xplane.