Good evening Vlad,
First, congratulations and thank you for this great software.
It's Christmas every day!
I started to build a Cessna 172 simulator with Garmin1000. I was wondering how to display the 3 emergency instruments (badin, horizon, altimeter)?
I thought to use several Raspberry with 7-inch screens that you recommend elsewhere (this would save graphics cards and soft as Air Manager). But that would mean a "SimVim Panel - Basic Six" or a "new Simvim Panel" in which one would 'pick' individual instruments. What do you think ? Is it feasible for you ? Do you have a better idea?
Thank you in advance for the answer and for everything else.
Serge (France)
Nov 8, 2019 in SimVimPanel by

1 Answer

We can make these 3 "back-up" gauges to use with one Raspberry and 8-10" LCD.
or 2 gauges (horison and altitude) for 7" display ( you can use stepper motor for the airspeed). Just need a time as for all other panels...

Nov 10, 2019 by
Hello Vlad,

Thank you for your quick and positive response. We will wait and validate your decision of choice.

In any case, time passes quickly to appreciate all the improvements that you bring ...