I've started a B737 throttle that in the longer term I'd like to motorize. I've seen the pages on stepper motors and the use of and they all seem to refer to gauges.

I'd appreciate if anyone has a recommendation for cost effective stepper motor and controller board for a throttle. I believe one with a clutch is preferred?
On further reading would a continuous rotation servo do?

Thanks in advance
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The " continuous" rotation servo is not suitable for this, because the feed-back positioning (servo) or absolute positioning (stepper) is needed.

This option is the "AT_MOTOR" parameter ( located in the AP/AT "Outputs" section of the configurator).
You can try it, but, we need to finish our custom SimVIm function for this parameter, to restrict the input from the sensor when A/T is engaged.

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Thank you for your answer. Would a 28BYJ-48 stepper motor be suitable for this application then? I notice it's used for gauges in your tips section.