I have tried every thing i can draw from the tutorials of to get a dm13a breakout to work... No joy. I have read, reread, and reread again every info page and drawing on how to wire the leds. common + to all leds work with ground individually. I may not understand the electronic symbols used (noob). Not sure what ENA means. I have tried to join all grounds. Tried 2 different power sources (5v) with and without combining grounds. not sure what else to try. I started with all direct wiring of annunciators and started building my sim based on multiple megas... now they are obsolete based on new plans.
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Hi LesGilmer,

see here:

The "S" line of the DM13A is your controller PIN, not the "S" BUS.

To use a common low-power LED, simply connect it to the pin (anode) and to the ground bus (cathode) using a series resistor that can vary from 100 Ω to 1 kΩ depending on the indicator brighntess you need.



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Thanks for the reply... However this gives me no new information. I had studied both of the links already. As I said, Each Led works when tested individually. Hoping for more helpful information.
Hi Les, Me also, I tried everything I understood but to no avail. In the meantime, I might have messed up my Mega board. That's for another time, another thread. I'll be watching for a hint.

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Please read this page (if you didn't yet): http://simvim.com/tech_dout.html  - all is simple and clear.

Make all as described. And about the ENA  (chip enable) signal  you can read on the picture  too..

ALso  see this topic.


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