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The configurator (correctly, from what I can see) indicates that the Crossfeed (Close -> Auto -> Open) three-way toggle switch is mapped to XFeed_Auto as a T input. Yet it doesn't seem to do anything when I'm in-game in the C90B.

I've confirmed that the switch setup I'm testing with does indeed work by setting it up to the alternator switch. Is there something wrong here I'm missing?

Nov 15, 2019 in Parameter Database by

1 Answer

This parameter was not assigned yet (associated commands have appeared in the X-Plane only in recent versions of XP 11.30+).

Follow the news on Patreon, this parameter  will be available in next database update (SimVim.dat),  today maybe.
Nov 16, 2019 by
Now, it works as needed. You need to put the latest SImVIm.dat file to the plugin folder.