Hello !

I am fairly newbie with micro controllers and bought the JoyIt Mega2560, because it was cheaper but seemed to be a clone of the Arduino original Mega.

SimVim plugin installs the firmware in that master board, recognizes it, but sees no I/O available on this board. Is it incompatible with SimVim ?

Using Windows10, X-Plane 11.4 en SimVim on the same computer.
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It doesn't matter what controller board you have, all cheapest "clone" with Mega2560  are the same, it's simple a board with one controller.
Upload firmware, connect switches as described and configure parameters in the configurator.
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Thank you sir.

I followed the instructions from the start up tutorial, but all I can get is still a firmware recognised but no I/O.

I mean that, when I open the status window, it reads : "USB SimVimCockpitFirmware I/O: 0/0 Connected".
And the switch pluged to pin #5 and ground doesn't affect X-Plane in anyway.
Make sure you have default data.cfg file in the SimVim plugin folder.
(if you have unzipped the plugin archive as is to X-Plane main /plugins/ folder).
It works perfectly !
I made one stupid mistake. I tried to edit a data.cfg file with the configurator first, instead of trying the default data file that comes in the plugin. My mistake was that I didn't name the file "data" !

Excellent job, thank you very much !