I have to use the Generic_Light parameter twice in my config file and I don't know how to distinguish between the two.  I have unique and functioning data refs for two actions not implemented in your Configurator (Outboard Landing Lights L & R for FJS 727). I've assigned the parameters the two different custom data refs but one switch (mine) triggers both actions in the aircraft model.

I'm not sure what "zone" means in your plug in but I've tried using unique numbers in this field.  Then my switched, left or right, only operates one function in the sim.  

Thank you!
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For your "Outboard" lights you can use this two (named as "sideway taxi):


As default they are assigned to generic lights #12 and 13.
But if your plane model is also using "generic light" (as I understood?) but another numbers, you can re-assign them in the "Input Options" menu of the plugin.

Of course we plan to make the whole lighting system more convenient to configure, eventually. But, as the project became too complex and huge in terms of  coding, and it is in constant development state, we just can't  find enough  time for everything we planned (and there is still many plans to do).


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Ah, regarding the "zone" - it's  the array  index of the generic lights dataref - as you can know, X-Plane have the "simple" datarefs (as "variable" for  one data) and  array datarefs, the  "sim/cockpit2/switches/generic_lights_switch[32]"  that is array of 32 "variables", so you can control up to 32 lights.

All you need is to find out (using the Dataref Tool) what index used in your lights (unless the plane has a special custom commands  for this).

Thanks Vlad.  

I'm already using Side_Lights_L & _R for the "Inboard Landing Lights" but I have assigned my "Outboard" lights to two lighting parameters that are not implemented in the 727 sim so I'm functioning.

Regarding use of index to use the Generic_Light parameter, my plane uses custom commands for the lights.  

Appreciate the help and love the work you are doing!