SimVim firmware upload unsuccessful.

I have always had trouble updating my firmware. I thought I had resolved my issue by changing my board but it came back with the latest version. I followed the instructions on the SimVim Getting Started page but after I finished uploading the firmware I “Hard reset” the broad and the message saying that I need to upgrade my firmware comes back.

Here is what I am using:  Mega2560 Board with the IP module. My board is connected to a power adapter.

I unplugged my board I’ve tried multiple combinations. I unplugged the Power Network or just the power or let everything connected.

I used the upload firmware in the SimVim menu and wait until I am instructed to “Now connect your board…”

I connected my board using the USB cable and pressed the detect button.

My board gets detected on the COM5. I selected the board type & the Ethernet option. Then I clicked on the “Upload button”. From there pretty much everything freezes and it takes about 1 minute  to complete. Sometime can see the Command Prompt Window and I’m able to see a few lines saying “avrdud.exe: stk500v2_RecriveMessage(): timeout”.

 Any clue what I could do to resolve this?
Thanks. Alain.
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When you have the mega2560 connected before XP and SImVIm start and this board has already installed but older firmware version than needed for plugin work, the plugins launches the upload window automatically on start - you don't need to do anything before "Upload" button will be available (don't disconnect your board).

If you have troubles with virtual serial ports (in Windows only):

- Maybe can help:
you may try to update or install another "virtual serial port driver" to your system
- Definitely may help:
on PC start, enter to  your motherboard "BIOS", then find the "Com ports" and disable them (they was needed only in old systems long  time ago)
- Helped  many people:
also, if you have onboard blutooth, try to disable it (in bios or in the device manager.

The process of upload should take no more than  about 5-6 sec.
If more (timeout) - it means the plugin can't send data to the port (has no response from it).

Do you have any other arduinos connected (maybe used with  some other plugins)?


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Thanks Vlad,

 I’ve tried your solution, but it isn’t working for me. I think it’s a connection issue. Not sure what though.

1-  I’ve connected my other Mega 2560 and it updated without any glitch. There was nothing connected to it except the USB & the Network cable.

2-      I then went back to my board, and tried a few thing. I was finally able to update it when I removed my Internet module from the Mega Board. I left all the other wires connected. The update took only few seconds. I then plugged the Internet module back to the Mega board and connected everything. My board was updated and everything works fine.

 The only thing connected to the Internet module are CD74HC4067 modules that I use for input switches. I’m not using any power from the board, all of my power devices are fed by external 5 volt sources.

Thanks agin for you help.

It seems the power issue.

When using USB connection (not LAN) I recommend to  power the master board as-is  from USB  (and all connected multiplexers as they consume almost nothing) . The issue can be with USB3 power sometimes, so better to use USB2.

If you use Ethernet, and want the USB cable disconnected, you should use external power supply  connected to power jack, and it's voltage should be at least 7 v and up to 9v DC.  (unless if you mean you use the +5V pin as input, though it considered as 5v output, see more here):

All other devices that can consume much power can be powered from different PS, I usually recommend any old PC PSU  (AT) as it is very stable and its 5v line can handle  ~30A.

Remember about common ground wire:


Thanks Vlad for your replies. 

You are right. I must have a power issue. I've removed a few ground loops. Hope it will help. I’ll see with the next firmware update. If not resolved, I will troubleshoot further. 

FYI, I am using a power adapter on my Mega board. The following is what I have. “AC to DC 12 V 3 A adapter for Arduino”. The maximum Voltage for the Mega board is 12v. 

Thanks again.

Yes, the Arduino specification allows 12v, but the power supply  should be very stable (doesn't have  low-frequency ripple on  output), you can easily burn   the internal voltage regulator.

Read this page again, about why 7-9 v is optimal for +5v output regulator -

The more additional loads you have connected to +5 v output of Arduino, the more chances that your power regulator will overheat or burn if you have too large voltage drop ( between 5v and your input voltage).

So, having 3A for the Arduino power supply is absolutely useless. You
can never use this, because even if your devices consume 300-500 mA total, you will burn the internal Arduino regulator.

On the other hand, if you will power external devices separately, you don't need much power for Arduino itself  and USB power is more than enough (having a good short USB cable).



Oh! I will keep that in mind. However, I am not using the +5v output. everything that needs 5v is powered by an external power source. Nonetheless, I have a spare 9v 1A power supply. I will use that one instead of the 12v.

Thank you.