Trying to get TKS Fluid Reserve Single LEDs output to work. My plane uses a 30 liter reserve and I was trying to use 5 lights to indicate Full,3/4,1/2,1/4,empty. I use the same type setup with my oxygen pressure and it works great. I can assign other outputs to lights so I know they work. Can't get any range values to work at all with Single LED on TKS Fluid Reserve. Below is my setup. Can you check this to see if it works for you.



L31.8 TKS_Fluid_Reserve r=24,30
L31.9 TKS_Fluid_Reserve r=18,30
L31.10 TKS_Fluid_Reserve r=12,30
L31.11 TKS_Fluid_Reserve r=6,30
L31.12 TKS_Fluid_Reserve r=1,30                

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when you need to make a row of LEDs, simple use the "LED bar indicator" option in the configurator, no need to do this for separate LEDs:

- select number of positions (LEDs) and minimum-maximum range (1 and 30   or 1 and 24).
- for "backward" indication select range as 24 - 1
- if you need the "continuous" graph  - check corresponding box


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I have no problem using range or blink on single or bar. I prefer single for look of the instrument. I have a Oxy system that works fine using either way. I built my TKS the same way. To test it I loaded Oxygen parameters in it to test and works fine. I also tested with fuel- quantity ,psi, temp and several others using various ranges and blink and conditions. All work they way I wanted except TKS Fluid Reserve. I got no lights. IT acts like there is no link to dataref or something. Software ? I don't what else because it should act just as all the other types of parameters I tried and worked.


We will fix this parameter in next database release (tomorrow) - seems there is some typo mistake .

Regarding the "LED bar"  - of course it's not related only to  real bar module, you can use several single LEDs configured as "bar" - there is no difference in connection, but simpler in configuration.