Hey Vlad I have all my encoders working fine except one. When I turn it, its not like the rest of them where each detent changes in the display window. This one maybe 2 or 3 clicks and then it turns the digits. The wire thickness I am using is 28 gauge from the encoder to the arduino. I have tried swapping it for another encoder of same likeness (cts-288) but I get the same effect. Any suggestions?
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It doesn't matter what wires are you using - http://simvim.com/tips_wiring.html

Have you performed the encoder "calibration" (set its type and other options)?
See the first video here: https://simvim.com/simcom/index.php/video-guides
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Yes I have its currently type 3 acceleration +++.
Maybe you don't need "acceleration"? And, you sure it's type 3?