After updating, my LCD's are no longer clearing the SimVim message when starting up?

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Dave, too little information...
What pin (if direct) is used for LCD?
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I did not even think to include that information - sorry....
Both LCD's are direct. AP (top) - Pin 30 / Radio (Bottom) - Pin 34
You can get my data.cfg here:
The radio is no longer working correctly either (not showing frequencies or switching between active and standby or tuning) in the default Baron. But I am guessing i will need to redo this because of your changes to the radios?

We will fix this tomorrow (I see where the bug is, it appeared after adding the LCD slave board driver support). Strange that nobody have reported this before, seems the slave board is preferred for most users...

Thanks Vlad - I can confirm that the message is now cleared on the initial startup - but as soon as you press "reload configuration" then some of the chars from your startup message come back again.

I can also still not get COM2 active frequency to show when I am in the default baron. Also cannot get the swap button or the com2 mhz / khz encoders to work either - all these worked fine in the older versions.

Just as a note - everything still worked in ver 0.9.46b and not there after.