I have my auto throttle working with a 28byj stepper motor, running through a relay. when the auto throttle arm switch is off the relay doesn't allow the stepper to be powered, allowing manual movement of throttle. when the auto throttle arm switch is on the relay allows the stepper to be powered then when toga is pushed the motors start moving the throttles. Here's my problem, when the auto throttle takes itself to full power if i disconnect auto throttle and pull throttles to idle manually then switch auto throttle on again the throttles try to close further even tho they are already at idle, its like simvim knows the throttles have moved and tries to make the motors catch up.
Nov 22, 2019 in Output - Gauges by

1 Answer

1. If you use the  "AT_MOTOR" parameter ( located in the AP/AT "Outputs" section of the configurator),   later we will finish our custom SimVIm function for this parameter, to restrict the input from the handles when A/T is engaged.
2. Your stepper must have the zero-point sensor, calibrated in SimVim (0,1 range) and it's output shaft should be linked hard with one of the levers.
Nov 22, 2019 by