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I wish to create an air vent system, like that ones above head on Cessnas, near to the doors... My intention is to use the RPM data from airplane engine to accelerate or de-acc a cooler speed.

I believe that the way is PWM, but what dataref use for it, since it should not stop to run, like a pointer instrument, i.e.?

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Brgds, Leo Fraga
Nov 22, 2019 in PWM Outputs by

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Is in real cessna  this vent speed  depends of plane speed  or motor rotation speed?
Isn't it enough to have vets switch and movable flap in its case?

Nov 22, 2019 by
Hi Vlad, how are you doing?

In real plane, it depends of the "wind" created by the propeller when you use the throttle. Looking at your example, you would use a fan not connected to the Simvim, right?

My question is if it's possible to regulate the fan speed with the use of the throttle...

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In this case simply use the "RPM_Eng1"  or "Prop_RPM_Eng1" parameter, select it in the table and assign to PWM . 
Then calibrate the motor in desired limits.