Has anyone had issues with analog calibration?  I have a large number of analog inputs.  I have tried calibration using the 'all at once' method.  That used to work, but hasn't worked for me for several versions.  When I perform individual calibrations, I can calibrate the first 6-7 channels fine.  After that, the plugin starts deleting the previous calibration data at random.  I have tried calibrating every way I can think of including individual channels then exit and reload; individual calibration, read the results in the config file one at a time, then paste the results back in after I have all channel data; all-at-once calibration.  I have tried replacing my Arduino (more than once).  I have gutted X-Plane and started clean.  I have been trying the new code revisions as they come out (hoping it was just a quirk).  Any single channel seems to work fine, but add them all together and things go haywire.  Nothing I do seems to help.  Any ideas?
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Likely a bug in the plugin. I'll look into it.

- Roman
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Thank you Roman.  I really do appreciate all the work you guys put into this!