Hi, I'm very new to cockpit building and I'm having trouble to replicate the combined heading selector and bank angle limiter in the zibo 737. I was wondering if it is possible to use my rot encoder "push and turn" ability to control the bank angle limit. This will save the real challenge to fabricate an co axial encoder-rotary switch. My idea is that if you simply turn the encoder you'll change the heading and if you push and turn you can change the bank limit. Additionally it would be awesome if while you push and turn (change bank angle) the heading display changed to "b20" or "b15" indicating the bank limit. Once you release the push button the indication restores to the current heading.

I know it's a lot to ask but I think it will save a lot of work with the actual hardware to combine the use of an encoder and rotary switch. Once again I'm new at this and maybe someone has a better approach! Thanks again for your time!

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Hi jplamela,

Look here, this is how I make my combiswitches.
With a little practice you can do it relatively easy. And cheap.
https://simvim.com/tips_enc.html or

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Thanks Frank for the fast reply!

I've seen Theo's videos and he is a genius (he has lots of tools besides his obvious talent..). One thing that worries me about the displaced axis approach is that maybe with a rotary switch (instead of rotary encoder) the displaced gear will slip as it has to overcome more friction from the current detent. I think encoders generally offer less resistance to turn than rot switches but I'm new with this so i'll give it a try.

I thought of the "push and turn" as a software alternative to this (although it won't be like the real thing!)

Thanks! Juan.-