Very new to Simvim and enjoying learning all it can do. I have the latest firmware and version v0.9.48 from the Patreon site. Hooked up a 1602 LCD via the direct method as per the website diagram for some testing. It powers on and I can adjust the contrast and see solid blocks very bold on the first line and much fainter on the second line when I turn the contrast down, and can turn it up until the solid blocks go away as well and have tried different contrast levels to see if that helps. I am not getting the initial 'Simvim' message or any other data on the screen. Am I correct that pin 4 (RS) from the LCD goes to A4 on the Mega? Have the .cfg file set to just show HDG on, Nav on and VS cmd for the initial test. Using the default 172 in Xplane 11.40.

I do have some Nano's that I will flash as a LCD controller after work today and try things but just wondering what I am doing wrong with the direct method.

Thanks for the great work on this!
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Hi Daniel,
Sorry, but what is not clear here?:

"You need to use only 5 signal lines and GND connected to the data bus and one signal line connected to the output pin assigned for this particular display (only pins with numbers 20,21 and 30-53 can be used!).

Four address/data lines S0,S1,S2,S3 (from master board) should be connected to 4 data inputs of every LCD - D4,D5,D6,D7. The "D" signal (pin #28 on master board) of the bus is connected to the "RS" (register select) input of the LCD

All signals on the master boards are described here:


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Got it working now. What I hadn't found until one of your links above was the correct pins on the master board for the 4 data lines and the D signal. Thank you for the help.