Hi Vlad, great program Simvim.

I'm using 6 DM13A's for output for the B738 overhead panel.

I have five working great, however the configurator doesn't appear to recognise the sixth. I'm using output pins 30, 32 - 36. Is there a maximum number of DM13A's which can be used.

Cheers, Graham
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Hello, Graham,

The maximum number of LEDs with serial shift control on one output is 64, for which you can use four DM13A drivers with daisy chain connectors.
I have 2x 4 DM13A drivers on my overhead panel running on pin#41 and #42.
I'm not sure if there are any limitations on pin#30-#37. I don't think so.
I also had problems in the beginning that some DM13A drivers were not recognized. It was 99% always a bad or incorrect wiring. But with about 128 connections only for the corrys, this can happen ;-).

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Thanks Frank,

I did look at daisy chaining them but I'm too far in now and I don't think I'm going to be short on ports with an Arduino Mega.

The configurator lists the LED's on DM13A six, and it lists the ports used, but each had D=5 after them in the [Devices] section of the data.cfg file. I think with six DM13a's listed it should be D=6?

Thanks again, Graham
Hi, Graham,
I also have the D=5 behind it and I have 8x DM13A running. This has nothing to do with the amount of drivers.
Did you only run the sixth DM13A without the others?



1. On this page you can see the diagram (see the "Serial LEDs output capacity" header):

2. Any pin that is allowed in the configurator can be used, up to #69 (A15),
the colored 30-37 is reserved for directly connected 7-segment displays and PWM driver.
For DM13A you can select any other.

3. The D=5 does nothing for configuration - it is a default device type (5 means it is a serial LED)

4. You can have at least up to 20 outputs used for serial LEDs.

5. You can combine the number of used drivers - for one pin you can connect one driver (up to 16 LEDs) , for another pin - 3 drivers, and so on (up to 4 drivers or 64 LEDs max.)  -depending on your system, how is more comfortable for you.


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