Hi Vlad, great program Simvim.

I'm using 6 DM13A's for output for the B738 overhead panel.

I have five working great, however the configurator doesn't appear to recognise the sixth. I'm using output pins 30, 32 - 36. Is there a maximum number of DM13A's which can be used.

Cheers, Graham
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Hello, Graham,

The maximum number of LEDs with serial shift control on one output is 64, for which you can use four DM13A drivers with daisy chain connectors.
I have 2x 4 DM13A drivers on my overhead panel running on pin#41 and #42.
I'm not sure if there are any limitations on pin#30-#37. I don't think so.
I also had problems in the beginning that some DM13A drivers were not recognized. It was 99% always a bad or incorrect wiring. But with about 128 connections only for the corrys, this can happen ;-).

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Thanks Frank,

I did look at daisy chaining them but I'm too far in now and I don't think I'm going to be short on ports with an Arduino Mega.

The configurator lists the LED's on DM13A six, and it lists the ports used, but each had D=5 after them in the [Devices] section of the data.cfg file. I think with six DM13a's listed it should be D=6?

Thanks again, Graham
Hi, Graham,
I also have the D=5 behind it and I have 8x DM13A running. This has nothing to do with the amount of drivers.
Did you only run the sixth DM13A without the others?