Hi everybody!

I'm building a GA cockpit, and I'm starting with COMM/NAV radios, trying to build a KX-155/165.

As you surely know KX-155/165 uses 5 digit display for every frequency. To emulate this I would like to use 4 digits display (TM1637) + a digit 'always showing a 1' on the right. I would 'shift' the freq with the configurator so it's correctly displayed after the 'fixed 1'.

My first step was just testing my 4-digit display: I connected it as described on the web, and I used the configurator to build a configuration where display is directly connected (without using any output multiplexer) to pin 30.

When I start my XPlane 11 with 'factory' Cessna 172 (no G1000) my display is showing '10'. No matter if I change standby frequency, it always show the same value.

I also tried to show an 'A' (used configurator to do this) BEFORE value, and I get 'A___1' (4 spaces between 'A' and '1')

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for your help!
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1 Answer

Please just use the TM1637, 6-digit version  and configure it as kx155 (5 digits)
Also, you can take 3x DM13A and make your display with 5 digit.

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