Hi guys.
1) I have installed the latest SIMVIM update,
"SimVimCockpit_v0_9_48" and the MAX7219 module is not recognized by the software, I reinstall the software "SimVimCockpit_v0_9_47b" and it works perfectly
2) As you can see in the picture the brightness is very low, and there is no longer the option to adjust the brightness, it will be possible to reinstall the brightness adjustment of the 7 segments ??


N31 D=0

N31    Com1_Standby

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Milton, I have tested now and  all works fine. Nothing has been changed for 7-segments in v48.
As for brightness, we are working on the configurator interface.
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"SimVimCockpit_v0_9_48"   It works perfectly, the only thing there is is to turn ON the communication equipment  " Com1_Power " ( from OFF to  ON) and ready
thanks Roman and Vlad