Q1: Is it possible to have several Arduino boards (Mega, Uno, etc.) in one SimVim system as it was in your ArdSimX interface (with several boards connected to several USB ports)? 

Q2:  Is it easy to move from your previous ArdSimX interface  to SimVimCockpit without significant investments, what additional hardware is required to keep the number of inputs/outputs that I used in my system?


A: Only one "master" controller board is used as a single communication device in SimVim system  - http://simvim.com/svc_structure.html.

One USB (virtual serial port) is used, or one Ethernet connection.  
Using one Master board eliminates the communication issues that can happen when using multiple serial devices with certain serial drivers.

You can not use ArdSimX configuration and connections as these are completely different systems.
But SimVim allows you to
quickly make it "from scratch", or rewire your existing panel.

The system is easily extendable with cheap multiplexer breakout boards,  that allow you to have 16 inputs on a single pin. To extend the number of LEDs you  can use serial LED drivers and have up to 64 LEDs on one output pin.

The method of input extension used in SimVim is much  cheaper in terms of "investments" - for the price of one additional mega  you can have 150-200 inputs and much cleaner, modular wiring.

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Talking about multi-board configuration, SimVim system currently includes slave controllers based on "mini"  boards -  SimVimServo, SimVimSteppers, SimVimMatrix, SimVimLCD. These additional boards are connected to the master board.

Read More: https://simvim.com/svc_changes.html

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