Greetings, I have been able to make my leds work as expected except the full down position of flaps. I am using a DM13A for my leds on gear and flaps attached to mega pin 46. All leds work except the full down position. It has worked prior to one of the last two updates, but I don't know which and don't know if that is the reason or not.

I am using:

For flaps up and transition: Flaps unsafe etc...this works,

for 2nd stage: Flaps deployment, with min of .4 to max .5 , this works;

for full down: Flaps deployment with min of .9 to max of 1, tried not inserting any min or max, also from dataref using 12 and 30%.  I tried Flaps #1 and Flaps #2, neither of these work either. Checked leds and they are OK. Any thoughts on this please.

regards, Lee
Dec 6, 2019 in Configurator by

1 Answer

Read this:

Have you selected the "Flaps_Position_Ind" parameter for this?
Try to set the range 1-1
Dec 6, 2019 by
The good news is the circuit is working. The Led is intermittent so when I would check the wiring from the DM13A the Led would light up. Then while I was thinking about the problem, the light went out, flashed a couple of times  then went out again. Whenever I selected full flaps it wouldnt come on at all. Haven't had time to replace the Led, but soon. Thanks for the quick response. I am curious as to how many lines of code have you all wrote to make all this happen so good? Thanks for that!  Lee