I have an ap panel with several 7 segments displays . The max7219 ones are very dim . Is there a way to adjust the brightness if these units ? I saw several questions about this  but no solution
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Wait until we  return the brightness bus control to the configurator for 7-segment displays.
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Vlad, will this configuration change use the same hardware/component wiring as seen on your documentation for MAX7219?, or will it need changes to the wiring?
No, all connections stay the same, it's related to  logic and parameters.
As for 7-segment displays, soon we can add the slave board for them as it's done for LCD.
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In the meantime, in your data.cfg file under the devices section, add b=25 at the end of the lines reserved for your 7 segment display such as.  

N35 D=3 B=1,10 b=25
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perfect . Thanks Tony

it's not quite correct.

"B=" is a electric bus number to which the display is "connected". It is not relevant now, since we are changing the whole electric power configuration.

"b="  is NOT a brightness value! This is a number of "brightness channel" in your virtual cockpit, that you want to use for this display. Then, you can rotate related brightness knob in your virtual panel to change the brts.

So, the b can be 0,1,2,...   sometimes it can be any other number, depending on your plane  model configuration.

If the plane has channel number for it's AP as 25, so use it.

And - we will change the brightness control in the configurator, it will be "device-oriented" and use the pre-defined SImVim BRT names.


Vlad, I offcourse defer to you for final call, however, I will report that without the b=25 added to the suffix of the line in the device section, for the time being, the default brightness is very low.  This is the only way i was able to figure out how to raise the brightness level.  Thank you as always,


When no any brightness bus number is indicated in data cfg, the plugin commands to set brightness for each display to about 40%.

I will change this to 100% in next release.

1. When you set the bus number to 25 or any other (from 1 to 32) the plugin sends the brightness code accordingly with dataref value,  in your case it is the:

sim/cockpit2/switches/instrument_brightness_ratio_manual [25]

As default the X-Plane always set every channel  to 75% (0,75).

2. With the same result you can set b= to any channel from 0 to 31.
If you set it to number b=0 or b=1, you definitely will be able to  change it with associated knob in your plane on-screen panel