Is there any documentation as to what the parameters are in the [Devices] section of the data.cfg?
Example as below (cannot see on website for documentation):

N49.0 D=0 B=1,10 b=0
N49.1 D=0 B=1,10 b=0
N49.2 D=0 B=1,10 b=0
N49.3 D=0 B=1,10 b=0
N49.4 D=0 B=1,10 b=0
N49.5 D=0 B=1,10 b=0
L51 D=5 B=1,10 b=0
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- because there is still no a "fixed" configuration options format,
- we are trying to find a better ways to define some  options related to devices type, power etc.
- when you use the configurator you don't need to bother about this.
- for now there is no "B=" and "b="  options in the configurator, wait for next updates.
(how have you got this configuration?)

In short - it is the electric bus number (1-6) and brightness channel number (use in your virtual plane panel)

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Again - thank you very much.  I think I have copied an old data.cfg that I had.  I use the configurator to get the main part done, then use the data.cfg to change little bits.

Thanks, Neil.