Using MEGA and 4 LEDS. Wired as per diagram with 2.2K Resistor to 2560 pins.
YAW damper LED works but Brakes, Landing Light & Instrument Light LEDS do not.
Can't figure out where the problem lies? Using latest SIMVIM Release.
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What "Brakes, Landing Light & Instrument Light" SimVIm parameters are you using?

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L8 Landing Lights On
L11 Parking Brakes Ann
L51 Avonics On

"Avionics_On"   - it's not "instrument lights" it's indicator of the Avionics_Master switch position (avionics power).
Works, checked.

"Landing_Lights_On"  - works, checked.
"Parking_Brake_Ann"  - works, all checked.

Have you used the configurator?  Your names are incorrect.

What plane is used?

1. Will double check Avonice set up

2. Yes always use the configurator.

3. XP11  stock 172SP plane.

4. Will go back and test LEDS direct from +5V to Gnd & verify they are good?

Thanks for you help , as always.