I'm configuring the radios of a multi-plane cockpit and I have a problem with the radio COM2 and NAV2.
I have configured some encoders to adjust frequencies and I show them on LCD screens. One LCD for COM1/NAV1 and another for COM2/NAV2.

With the Cessna 172 by default there is no problem. Everything works Ok.
But when I select the Baron 58 by default, the encoders of the radios COM2 and NAV2 don't work. Nothing happens in the simulator when I turn them.

The LCD screen of these radios doesn't show any information either. When connected, it shows the version information, but then it is empty of content.

This problem occurs with both the default B58 and the Carenado B58.
I'm using version 9.50b, but it also happened with the previous ones.

What could be happening?
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There is nothing wrong with SimVim.
All displays and encoders work fine, as they should, checked.
(with any device type)

You need to check your configuration file (maybe you are using some "conditions" for different planes)?

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I'm not using conditions yet.

Indeed, it doesn't seem to be a problem of devices or wiring, because the LCD display and encoders work well with other aircraft.

I've been researching and found out that the dataref simvim/radio/radio2_bus has a value of 1. If I set it to 0, radios 2 work well.

Any idea?

This is default bus number that power the radio devices.  Com/Nav1 is set to bus 1 (XPlane #0) and Com2 - to the bus 2 (XP #1).
We planned to automatically set default buses depending on plane, but did not yet.

1. X-Plane has totally 6 buses, in many  planes only 1-2 is used, but for all default planes all  6 buses set to the same working voltage at start.

2. Cessna has  2 buses, B58 - one, but in default B58 buses #2,3..6  are set by X-Plane to the same voltage as #1 (28v), that's why in my B58 all works.

3. Maybe you have some addon (for example the REP) that set all not presented buses to 0v)?

Anyway, we will work further on this.

No, deactivating all plugins except DataRefTool and SimVim, the same problem still occurs.

As you say, when you assign buses by plane, it will be solved.

Thank you.
I am also having the same issue - using the default Baron - everything works perfectly in my panel if the aircraft is configured to load with engine running. When i setup the aircraft to load with engine off, then I am also having problems with my radios - one line of my LCD does not work and the encoders do not work.