I am trying to switch from setup from usb to ethernet. i hocked up a mini w5100 to my system . the system crashes xplane after a few seconds of establishing connection . I also noticed that if i unplugged my mcp and only leave the throttle Quadrant on , it  won't crash.

on the other hand when using usb communication it function well but if i try to reconnect the hardware or calibrate axis  it crashes during re-connection unless I disconnect the power off my mcp (turn off Vled and 5v off all devices)

any thoughts on why it is doing that ?
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Find out which line in your data cfg file is crashing XP.
And, use the latest updated version.
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You can "comment" any line with # sign:
#B44.2 Param_Name
I may have a defective W5100 i am not establishing connection to the board and when i do it drops immediately . I will order another one and see if that is the issue.
First, just try to use USB version.

as I mentioned in the original description the system function fairly well using USB connection . I will wait to see if it is the ethernet module or not .
ok i did more trouble shooting

1-took my mega board and loaded basic sketch (web server) and my ethernet worked fine so it is not the board

2-loaded XP11 and used basic cesna plane and loaded simvin-usb and it worked with no issues

3- I used the same cesna to load the simvim LAN sketch and it would not establish connection to the plugin.  ( the firmware was loaded to the board and the w5100 flashing in TX and RX )

any suggestions?