I know that it is possible to execute two command on a same switch by appending them in the configurator.

S11 Eng1_Cutoff

S11 Eng2_Cutoff

But how can I append a custom command that I created "zibo/all_int_lights_on" to a existing command in a switch?

S11 Eng1_Cutoff

S11 ???

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You don't need to make conversion for Laminar/Zibo. http://simvim.com/svc_planes.html
What is this switch in real plane panel?
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The switch is Battery1_Switch. I would like to append a command that I have created to this switch.

I created a new command "zibo/all_int_lights_on" using FlyWithLua that sets the lighting in the cockpit. So when I switch the battery ON the lights are set at the same time.