Q: Xlane freezes after start a flight with SimVimCockpit plugin installed and the master board connected (or not connected).

Q:  X-Plane crashes after start a flight with  the master board connected and user data.cfg file. Works fine without user data.cfg.

Q:  The SimVim Plugin cannot to establish connection with the master board sometimes  or permanently.


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In general, in your computer you may have several application or embedded devices that are using the Serial Ports. All these Serial "Com #" actually are "virtual serial" ports emulated through USB connection.

In the SimVim communication/configuration protocol  we have included the collision avoidance measures with other serial devices and the designated port selection.

But sometimes it doesn't work when the particular system can assign the same virtual port number (already used by some embedded device) to connected master board or other device can "respond" to SimVim plugin request.

1. You may have other Arduino devices connected to USB (emulated virtual serial ports), that use similar Serial protocol to SimVim or our previous ArdSimX interface.

2. You may  have  other  plugins that work with virtual serial USB ports and related hardware. Such devices and plugins may have appeared on market after our open ArdSimX interface for the last 3 years.

3. Try do disable the legacy Com  ports in the motherboard BIOS settings or in the "Device Manager" (you don't need them).

4. Try to disable the embedded Bluetooth port(s) in the Device Manager.
Some (not all) Bluetooth devices can  prevent normal initialization for SimVim plugin (it depends on what serial port the Bluetooth device uses, as the plugin versions for Linux and Mac only search the master board on specific port names.)

5. Check if you have the   "Intel Active Management Technology" embedded (installed) in your system.  Deactivation of this feature  in Device manager has solved the problem for some users:

II.   If X-Plane  crashes only with your user data.cfg file try do find out what line in your data.cfg provokes the crash and contact us.


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