Hello Vlad,

I have build a replica of the C172 ADF1 module. It consists of:
  - a 7 segment display 8 chars (Active + Sby on 3 digits)
  - 3 encoders to set the SBY freq. and switch SBY <> ACTIVE using center encoder button
  - 1 Analog rotary switch 4 positions: Off - Ant - ADF - BFO

Everything is working fine but I would like the display to be switch off when the rotary switch is set to Off.
Since version 0.50b it works partially as only the Active frequency disappear.
Can you do any magic to have the same behaviour with the Sby frequency ?

Thanks in advance, Eric.
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1 Answer

Hi Eric,

We're working on making full custom functionality for all radio devices, without the need to use any conditions. As an example of how it will be configured, see the image map for Radio -> DME in the configurator.

ADF will have proper functionality too (in the current version, it's only partially complete). Please wait for the next version.

- Roman
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Thanks Roman for your quick answer. I will wait smiley