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Please can you check the dataref you are referencing for the default Baron Vacuum Led's. I can only get the second one to work and not the first one. You have them labeled as Vacuum_Suction1 and Vacuum_Suction2 - 2 works, but 1 does not. I see in Xplane the dataref is labeled as vacuum and vacuum2 (there is no 1).
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For these 2 LEDs  you should use the parameters:


They are working as default, when the suction_1_ratio  or suction_2_ratio  falls below 1.0 in/hg  with any loaded aircraft.

But, as the Laminar B58 includes their own datarefs "/inst_press_fail"  for these lamps (though default SimVim worked too), I have remapped parameters to them, but forgot to remove default conditional range.

You need to download the updated SimVim.dat file. All works OK now with B58 too.

P.S. - when watching the dataref list don't look at the datarefs marked as for 660+  or that are located in the ../cockpit/.. section. They are mostly all deprecated. See the ../cockpit2/...


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Thanks Vlad :)