I have used my own MAX7129 with a 3 digit 7-segment for my IAS/MACH display.  Everything powers up perfectly, with the digits in the right place (o=0 in data.cfg), however, the display is in reverse.

For example IAS of 123 displays as 321 on my 7-segment.

This is likely to be me with bad design of my PCB, but is there a configuration "trick" I can do to reverse the output to make 123 = 123 !! :D

Thanks, Neil.
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You can try to use the "i" flag, but it will work only if you have no decimal dot, and always 3 digits.
N##   Param_Name    f=i

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Thanks for the quick reply Vlad.

Are there any other "tricks" with formatting for the data.cfg for 7segments?

I did not see anything about f=i configuration switch etc.

Again, thanks, Neil.