Hi Vlad,
I am still experiencing an issue with the Com2 / Nav2 display and encoder.

If I load the aircraft with engine running - then all works as expected. As soon as I change the aircraft so that it loads with engine not running - then the LCD does not show the frequencies and the encoder and swap button does not work. If i then go back to load aircraft with engine running - all is ok again.
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Yes, it's a specifics of the default B58 model - it has voltage on the bus #2 when engines started on load, and has no voltage if engines started after load (a bug maybe..,).

Wait next plugin update - we have re-connected the com/nav2 to the avionics bus that feeds from bus #1. And in the configurator later you will be able to select the bus number for radio set 1 and 2 separately, as you need for specific plane.

As you can see (in the configurator image maps ), we are currently working hard on the new radio equipment "device-type-based" configuration  (for Com/Nav, DME, XPDR and ADF).

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Thank you so much Vlad - that makes sense.... I will wait for the next update :)