I have a LED for Audio_com1_on. It works fine, only when I kill all electricity in xplane my LED stays on. In the Sim everything is dark because there is no power. If I toggle the Com1 Audio in the Sim I can still keep toggling my LED. I've tried to use/find a condition to apply here, but couldn't find anything.

My 7-segment display for the radio does go dark when you kill the power to it in xplane. Is this also possible for the audio LEDs? (Tested on the C172). Thanks in advance!

-- Marco
Jan 8 in LEDs, Digital Output by

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Please, just wait future updates, we will add more power options in the plugin algorithm and in the configurator.
Jan 9 by
Thanks for the response Vlad. No rush, I have just started slowly with my radio panel. Good to know I wasn't being stupid/blind :).