Hi, yesterday I make with my K40 Laser engrave your PCB for use the VID6606 and the X27.xx motor.

I'm newbie in electronic, can you tell me where I Must solder the resistence and the two capacitor?

Thanks and ciao
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I have added the labels on PCB - as C1.C2 and R1:

The capacitors are optional, you can try without them if you have good stable +5v power source.

Also, as always, I recommend to simplify things and use a cheap breakout board:


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I don't understand how I must connect the slave board (for the stepper) to the master board.
I connected it like the pics (https://www.dropbox.com/s/7w5mz4rybqy356k/g959.png?dl=0), but don't work, can you explain me, please, how I must do? 
Thanks and ciao

Where did you get this picture?, it's wrong.

Here you can see correct connections (Tx1/Rx1 used):

Hi Vlad, the pics is how I conncted the master with the slave and with the driver, can you tell me, please, what was wrong?
I read the page of your site that you have suggest me, but I don't understand...I think that I have connected my hardware how you have explain in your page.
Thanks and ciao