Hello Vlad:
I'm working on the 172-Cessna  clock.
I'm using OAT/Volts button switch (OAT in F, C, Volts), which works great, and a LCD as (OAT output / Volts display (OAT in F, C, Volts), the following problems  are presented.

1 voltage outputs (0)  Zero, must be 24 E.  (not output the E)
2 show 61 (well) but must be 61F. no F display
3 show  16 (ok) but must be 16 C. No C display

What should I correct?
Thank you!
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1 Answer

If you are using the "OAT_Volts_Disp"  parameter, please note:

It is new SimVIm custom function that works only for SImVimPanel now (see C172 panel). 

Later it will be possible to use it directly for LCD, with all correct formatting, just wait a little.



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